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Community Projects

The Lincoln Park Education Center was approved in June 2023 to take form on the campus of the Clermont Elementary School.  Here is a video from the November 2022 Town Hall Meeting.

A Community Center South Lake County. While the plans to establish a community center on the campus of the former Clermont Elementary School did not come to fruition due to structural barriers, capacity limits, complexities to adding multiple programs on one site, and other reasons, our organization remains steadfast in advocating for a community center in South Lake. We hope that you will join us in our efforts to advocate for and partner with community organizations to help make the center a reality.  

In 2020, we prepared a comprehensive overview of our vision for a community center project. Though we have since updated our objectives, separating the efforts to establish a community center in South Lake County and the repurposing of the formal Clermont Elementary School, we would like to share our initial plan to bring additional resources into South Lake County. 

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Community Center at Lincoln Park Front.png
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